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January Sharpie of the Month: Tobiloba Arotimi

This month, we caught up with Tobiloba Arotimi to learn more about her journey into tech!

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Name: Tobiloba Arotimi

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Role: Lead Platform Engineer

Tell me a bit more about your journey into tech.

My journey into tech as a software engineer has been unconventional but immensely rewarding. My path was self-directed and driven by a deep passion for learning and problem-solving.

I started by exploring the basics of programming through online resources and gradually took on more complex projects. As I delved deeper, I was fascinated by the challenge of translating logic into code. I spent a significant amount of time working on personal projects, which not only honed my coding skills but also taught me about debugging and user experience.

Throughout this journey, I've avidly participated in online coding forums and communities. These platforms have been invaluable for learning, sharing knowledge, and staying up-to-date with industry trends. My approach has always been hands-on. Each project I undertook strengthened my understanding and sparked new interests.

Now, as a professional software engineer, I continue to learn and adapt to a constantly evolving field. This journey has been about much more than acquiring technical skills; it's been a journey of continuous learning, self-improvement, and a constant drive to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

What challenges have you faced in your career and how did you overcome them?

In my role as a software engineer, one major challenge I faced was dealing with imposter syndrome. This was particularly difficult because it made me doubt my skills and contributions, affecting my confidence in a professional environment. My role in this situation was not just about delivering technical solutions but also about building self-assurance in my abilities and value as a team member.

To tackle this, I started by acknowledging the issue and then actively sought feedback and support from my peers and mentors. I engaged in reflective practices, such as journaling my accomplishments and challenges and setting realistic goals for my professional development. I also dedicated time to continuous learning, both in technical areas and in understanding the psychological aspects of imposter syndrome.

Ultimately, this approach helped me gain a more realistic perspective of my skills and contributions. I became more confident in my abilities and more comfortable seeking help when needed. From this experience, I learned the importance of self-awareness and seeking support in a collaborative environment, which has since helped me become more proactive in my professional development and more collaborative in my approach to team projects.

What are some of the resources from SheSharp that have helped you with your growth?

One resource that SheSharp has helped me with was participating in the mentorship program. Through this, I got a mentor (Sarah O'Brien) who helped me with my career growth.

What advice would you give someone wanting to break into the tech industry?

To break into the tech industry, focus on building relevant skills through education or self-learning, stay updated with industry trends, network, and be persistent in pursuing internships or entry-level opportunities.

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