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Speak at a SheSharp event

Share your expertise

SheSharp holds many events per year, ranging from large signature events to smaller panels and talks. We're always looking for new people in our community to lend their perspective!


Ideating, creating and giving a talk at an event takes time and effort and we believe that people deserve to be paid for that, regardless of their seniority or public speaking experience.
Starting from 2023, if you're contacted by SheSharp for an event, our non-profit can cover a guaranteed speaking stipend of 250 euros.
However, we encourage you to share with us your speaker fee if it's higher than this amount.

We'll ask for your target speaker fee and work with you to compensate you fairly for your expertise given our partners' and our available budget.

First-time speaker?

Awesome! 🤩 We love to help people get comfortable with public speaking. SheSharp can coach you so that you're prepared for your first speaking gig.

Speak for SheSharp

Are you a first-time speaker?
Are you interested in giving a technical talk?
On which topics can you speak?
SheSharp can share the information gathered in this form with company partners for the purposes of event planning.

Thanks for submitting your interest to speak at one of our events.

We'll be in touch!

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