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SheSharp partners with companies around the world to help women and gender nonconforming individuals enter, stay, and grow in tech.

As a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization, SheSharp relies on partners to sustain our events, programs, scholarships, and more.

A partnership between SheSharp and your company can take many forms. Whether you want to host an event with us, sponsor a SheSharp initiative, or promote open positions at your company, we can help you reach your goals; and in turn, you support a more diverse, equitable tech industry.


Are you holding an event or hiring for a position that you'd like to promote to our community?


If the event or position is a mutual fit, we can share it out on our social channels: Meetup, Slack, Twitter, and more.  


We've been co-hosting events with companies for all of SheSharp's 5+ year history. We'd love to explore how to bring our communities together. 

We have experience hosting small and large events locally in Amsterdam, or online across multiple timezones.


SheSharp has recurring programs -- like our Mentorship Program and New in Tech Scholarships -- that are only made possible because of our sponsors.

If you're interested in sponsoring a SheSharp initiative, please contact us.


On a limited basis and with mutual interest, we can provide your team with insight into supporting underrepresented genders in tech.

We can also directly connect you to speakers, experts, and resources to meet your needs.

Most recent partners

SheSharp works with all types of partners: from startups, to bootcamps, to the largest tech companies. Below is a selection of partners from recent initiatives.

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Current SheSharp partner needs

Four people smile for a photo at a conference.

Host or sponsor community events

Community events are focused on connecting members in an informal environment. Activities include networking, lightning talks, hiring opportunities, and office tours. They can take place either at your office (you provide catering), or at another venue (you provide funding).

We have 1-2 more openings for community events in 2023.

Overhead photo of woman working on computer.

Sponsor New in Tech Scholarship

Our New in Tech Scholarship is SheSharp's most popular program, as there is a huge funding gap for underrepresented individuals pursuing bootcamps, self-study, or formal programs to enter the tech industry. With our limited funds and over 100 applicants to each cohort alone, historically we've been able to accept only 2% of folks that apply to our scholarship.

We see huge potential in expanding access to our scholarship. We have currently raised €2.000 of our €10.000 funding goal. 

Five women smile in front of a le wagon sign.

Co-host strategic partner events

This is where partners and SheSharp come together to organize a high-impact event for both of our communities! These are commonly talks, panels, and technical workshops on topics specific to the tech industry (and/or being underrepresented within it). We aim to hold 2-3 strategic partner events per year.

We have 1 more opening for a strategic partner event in 2023.

Partners: Contact us

Please note that due to high partner demand, we will contact you if there is mutual fit. We will triage your response to this form and reach out within the year if we have an opportunity to partner with you. Please do not email us unless you are offering program sponsorship and need more details before confirming.

If you're eager to partner with us in the next couple of months, refer to our pressing organization needs in the section above. We are most actively looking for scholarship sponsorships and Amsterdam-based hosts/sponsors for our community events!

Why do you want to partner with us?
You have the resources and expertise to handle event logistics (e.g. venue, catering, recording equipment).
You will cover speaker costs for events.

Thanks for your interest! We will contact you if there is a mutual fit.

Contact us
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