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Career Coaching with Mel

SheSharp has partnered with work-life wellbeing coach Mel Liu of Maloney Coaching, to guide you towards maximizing your personal and professional potential. Mel is a software engineer turned professional coach who can help you harness your strengths and design and build a more fulfilling (work) life.


In this SheSharp x Mel coaching series, 3 community members will get the opportunity to work with Mel over 3 months — all completely free.

Applications Closed

What you can expect

Coaching can be a bit like doing Agile for your life. Together, you will pair theory and insight with action that’s co-designed with just the right amount of stretch each time, allowing you to minimize risk, achieve progressive wins, and learn from experience.


Mel's coaching is tailored to you, considers the whole person and the different contexts you live within, and assumes you’re resourceful and oriented towards growth. Visit Mel's website and LinkedIn to learn more and see what her clients have said about working with her.


Mel's background:

  • Multi-hyphenate and experienced transition-navigator, having worked as software engineer, marketer, copywriter, translator, coach, and therapist-in-training

  • Advanced Certificates in Coaching and Counseling from the University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education

  • BA/BS from Boston University

  • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), adhering to its code of ethics and supervision requirements

  • CPD: Courses in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (via Coursera)

  • CPD: ADHD and Neurodiversity Interventions for Women: Essential Strength-Based Skills and Tools (with Dr Michelle Frank)

  • CPD: Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors (with Dr Janina Fisher)

  • Co-organizer of Rails Girls London 2014-2019

  • Raised in Hong Kong, educated in the US, and based in the UK for 10+ years

This coaching opportunity includes...

  • Up to 6 free, 45-minute private sessions with a trained coach

  • Between March 13 and May 30

  • Certificate of Completion from SheSharp after filling out the feedback survey at the conclusion of the program, which you may add to your LinkedIn or website!

Coaching Requirements

To participate in this opportunity, we ask that you:​

  • Are willing to self reflect, own your learning and development, and commit time and effort to this journey.

  • Can commit to at least 3 sessions, 2 to be scheduled by April 10, 2024.

  • Sign a Coaching Agreement, covering:

    • acknowledgement of what coaching is and is not.

    • confidentiality and its limits.

    • consent for your details to be recorded on Mel’s coaching log, which may be submitted to a professional body for accreditation purposes.

  • Agree to provide feedback to Mel and write a client testimonial at the end of the coaching program, which may appear on Mel’s website and social media and be submitted to a professional body for accreditation purposes.

Learn more

Meet the Coach: Maloney “Mel” Liu

About Mel

I provide culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming coaching that’s designed to strengthen your mental and social fitness, so that you get to do more of what matters to you.


In a work context, my coaching can help you with:

  • Career development and transitions

  • Work-life alignment / sense of purpose

  • Alleviating work-related stress, burnout, or imposter syndrome

  • Emotional agility and authentic leadership

  • Positive work relationships

  • Healthy assertiveness, negotiation and conflict resolution skills

  • Self-discovery, including your values and strengths

  • Meaningful self-care


You are an underrepresented gender in tech

Career Coaching with Mel  is open to women and non-binary individuals only.


People who are not cisgender men are historically underrepresented and under-resourced in the tech industry. This opportunity seeks to close that gap and make Tech a more balanced, accessible industry to all.


If you are a cisgender man, you are not eligible to apply.

You are a member of the SheSharp community

The opportunity prioritizes SheSharp community members: our Slack members, social media followers, and sponsors. Not yet a member of our community? Join us at

You commit to support 1 SheSharp initiative

SheSharp is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers to help women and non-binary people enter, stay, and grow in Tech. As a program participant, we would appreciate your support with our initiatives! Examples of support include:

  • Curating resources for our Slack community

  • Writing a post about your learning journey

  • Speaking at a SheSharp event

  • Contributing to SheSharp’s open source program

This can be discussed after your participation is confirmed.

Apply now

Apply to the next cohort

Program timeline

February 16 - March 4

Application period is open

It's your time to apply to the program! In your application, we will ask you to confirm your eligibility.

March 9 - March 10

Applicants are notified of status

There will be 3 members selected for the coaching series. Selected participants will be notified via email. Please note, you have 3 days to confirm your participation once you have been notified of your selection.

March 11 - May 30

The program is open

You and Mel will schedule your first session (45 minutes long) between March 11 and March 20. At the end of the program, you'll receive a feedback survey from us to fill out. When we've received your response, we'll send you a certificate of program completion! 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t identify as a woman, non-binary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still apply?

No, this program is only open to underrepresented genders at this time. We’d appreciate your support and allyship in forwarding this opportunity to others in your community that meet the program eligibility criteria!

Can I be located anywhere?

Yes, applications are open to everyone around the world! SheSharp is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and will prioritise applicants based in the European region, or in a similar timezone. However, if you’re outside of Europe, you’re still encouraged to apply!

When can Mel meet?

Mel is generally available for coaching on Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday (GMT). Please check her Calendly for an idea of available time slots. Sessions will be conducted remotely via Zoom.

What is the difference between coaching, mentorship, and recruiter support?
  • Coaches develop professional relationships with the coachees in order to increase awareness and support individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential.

  • Mentors often have more experience or knowledge in a specific set of areas where they share their knowledge and tips and tactics with their mentees.

  • Recruiters support organizations in finding the right candidates. Throughout this work, they often provide applicants with feedback on their CV with the incentive of hiring them to specific roles.

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