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6 ways to get involved with SheSharp in 2024

As we wind down and prepare to say farewell to 2023, we wanted to take this opportunity to share 6 ways in which you can get involved in the SheSharp Community in 2024!

1️⃣ Need some social pressure to stick to a learning goal?

Fill out the Codum interest survey! Join an accountability buddy system for technical skill learners to weather the autodidact journey together.

2️⃣ Apply for our mentorship program as a mentor or mentee.

3️⃣ Support our community and make an impact - donate or become a partner. We are a non-profit run completely by volunteers

4️⃣ Speaking of volunteers, we are also always looking for new ways to involve our community in our initiatives. Get involved by filling out our new volunteer form. 📝

5️⃣ Celebrate yourself and others. 🎉 Nominate a Sharpie of the Month to shine the spotlight on yourself or a fellow Sharpie next year! 🤩

6️⃣ Celebrate life's little (or large) victories! 🥳 Post your 2023 wins-in-review in our #wins channel in our Slack Community:

We hope to see you at an event in 2024 and wish you a lovely December!

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