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Events with SheSharp

Throughout the year SheSharp hosts events online and in Amsterdam. You can register and view our upcoming events on Meetup. For a high-level overview of all of SheSharp's programs and events, view our public roadmap on Trello!

SheSharp Public Roadmap

Check out our public roadmap on Trello for events, programs, and initiatives that are happening now, being planned, or are ideas we are considering. Have feedback? Reach out to us on Slack.

Current and Upcoming Events

Some of our previous Locations

Borrels and Socials

Several times a year we gather for a social event revolving around greath food, drinks, conversation and sometimes a fun activity!

These low-pressure, casual events are meant as a friendly way to bring our community together in Amsterdam.

Equals Clubhouse in Amsterdam

Equals Community Co-Working Days

Join us for an inspiring day of co-working with the SheSharp Community in the Equals Clubhouse. This is a recurring event where you can bring your laptop, get some work done at a desk, and meet fellow community members. Check out our Meetup page for upcoming co-working days.

Some of our previous events:

Panels and Speaking Events

Throughout the year SheSharp hosts panel and speaking events with experts and community members on topics relevant to our mission.

Keep a close eye on our Meetup for upcoming events!

Buurtkamer Corantijn

Parents and Kids Co-Working Socials

Parents and their kid(s) of the community are invited to meet in the Lounge at Buurtkamer Corantijn, where coffee, tea, fresh fruit, juice boxes and other snacks will be provided.

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