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Panels and Speaking Events

Throughout the year SheSharp hosts panel and speaking events with experts and community members on topics relevant to our mission.

Keep a close eye on our Meetup for upcoming events!

Some of our previous events:

Harnessing Neurodiversity in Tech

Certified ADHD Coach Kim To provided insight on the strength profiles of neurodiversity and applying them in the tech industry.

Changing Your Career to Tech

On this online panel with Technigo, community members spoke on their experience navigating a career change to tech.

Learning from Failure

In this partnership with Miro speakers reflected on how they leveraged failure towards growth.

These events consist of

    - online and in-person events catered to our community
    - paid speaking opportunities for SheSharp Events
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don’t identify as a woman, non-binary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still attend the event?

Yes, but check the event description to be sure! Most of our social events are open to community members and allies, and our programs and organization need volunteer support from allies to thrive.

Are events only in Amsterdam?

Our in-person events are held in Amsterdam. We also host online events and our Open Source program takes place asynchronously!

Where can I connect with the SheSharp community?

You can join us where conversations with the community happen - on Slack!

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