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Parents and Kids Co-Working Social

Parents and their kid(s) of the community are invited to meet in the Lounge at Buurtkamer Corantijn, where coffee, tea, fresh fruit, juice boxes and other snacks will be provided.

Buurtkamer Corantijn

The Buurtkamer Corantijn is a community center located near Rembrandtpark in the West of Amsterdam. Event attendees are welcome to join with or without their kid(s) throughout the day.

The lounge features a small kitchen area.

Feel free to bring a laptop and your kid(s) along! This casual, friendly event hopes to connect more parents in the SheSharp Community with each other.

The lounge includes a small kitchen with appliances and a seating area.

These events consist

    - a relaxed day of coworking and networking with other parents in the SheSharp community
    - a comfortable, child-friendly environment with a kitchen
    - coffee, tea, juice and snacks provided
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I don’t identify as a woman, non-binary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still attend the event?

Yes, but check the event description to be sure! Most of our social events are open to community members and allies, and our programs and organization need volunteer support from allies to thrive.

Are events only in Amsterdam?

Our in-person events are held in Amsterdam. We also host online events and our Open Source program takes place asynchronously!

Where can I connect with the SheSharp community?

You can join us where conversations with the community happen - on Slack!

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