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Meet with a Recruiter

SheSharp partners with local recruiters to guide community members in entering and growing in the tech industry.


Talking to them will be an opportunity to ask career development questions, like how to find your first tech job, resume review, interview preparation, and more.

This program is currently closed.

Applications closed

What happens when I meet with a Recruiter?

These 30 minute consultations are tailored to your needs. When you book your appointment via Calendly you can write something you'd like to focus on during your meeting. Each Recruiter has provided some areas they can focus on, read on to learn more and book your session!

This program is currently closed.

This opportunity consists of...

  • One free 30-minute consultation with a recruiter

  • Dates for 2024 to be determined

  • Tailored asssitance in job searching skills, cvs and interviewing

Learn more

Meet the Recruiter: Lilly

Lilly Ivancha

Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Lemonade

Lilly has been an HR and recruitment professional in international start-ups & scale-ups for the last 6 years. Her specialties include setting up processes from scratch, building up core development teams, pro-level sourcing, and coming up with out-of-the box ways to attract talent. She is currently focusing on recruitment in Amsterdam, helping to grow Lemonade’s European tech team.

Can help with:

  • Preparing your resume or CV

  • Interview simulation / mock interviews

  • How to succeed at a start-up

  • Launching a career in recruitment

Bookings Closed

Meet the Recruiter: Anastasiia

Anastasiia Ivanova

Recruiter @ Relive

Anastasiia is a remote Talent Acquisition Specialist with broad knowledge in recruiting and sourcing. She has over 6 years of tech recruitment experience in both agency and in-house settings.

Can help with:

  • Creating or refining your job-hunting strategy

  • Preparing your resume or CV

  • Preparing for your first interview

  • Self-presentation coaching

Bookings Closed


You are an underrepresented gender in tech

Career Coaching with Mel  is open to women, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals only.


People who are not cis men are historically underrepresented and under-resourced in the tech industry. This opportunity seeks to close that gap and make tech a more balanced, accessible industry to all.


If you are a cis man, you are not eligible to apply.

You are a member of the SheSharp community

The opportunity prioritizes SheSharp community members: our Slack members, social media followers, and sponsors. Not yet a member of our community? Join us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t identify as a woman, non-binary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still apply?

No, this program is only open to underrepresented genders at this time. We’d appreciate your support and allyship in forwarding this opportunity to others in your community that meet the program eligibility criteria!

Can I be located anywhere?

Yes, applications are open to everyone around the world! SheSharp is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and will prioritise applicants based in the European region, and others who are within +/-1 hour of Central European Time. However, if you’re outside of Europe, you’re still encouraged to apply!

When can Lilly and Anastasiia meet?

This program is currently not running, more information will be available during it's next iteration.

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