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Hackathon 2023

9-10 June in Amsterdam + Remote

Join SheSharp and Reaktor for our biggest hackathon yet!

SheSharp has partnered with Reaktor to host an amazing 24-hour coding jam. Whether you join us in central Amsterdam or remotely, it's your chance to create an impactful project that will help people find their next role in the tech industry (courtesy of SourceStack!). You can participate as an individual or on a team; if the latter, we'll match you with other amazing women and nonbinary folks based on skill and interest.


Of course, no SheSharp event would be complete without supportive vibes ♥️ We have mentors, coding templates, project planning resources, and wellness activities to ensure that the hackathon is balanced, fun, and inclusive to all.

Some things to look forward to:

  • 💶 Over €1000 in cash and prizes to win!

  • 🌍 In-person from central Amsterdam or remote

  • 🤝 Join a project team or code solo

  • 🌈 Designed for underrepresented genders in tech

  • 🚀 Supportive technical mentors with 5+ years of industry experience

  • 🫶🏽 An impactful project that supports job seekers in tech

  • 🦋 Focus on wellness and community more than competition

Key facts


Amsterdam and remote

We're gathering in person at the Reaktor office in central Amsterdam and remotely via our Slack community.


9 - 10 June

It's a 24-hour coding jam!

We kick off at 5:00PM CET on 9 June. Submissions are due at 6:00PM CET on 10 June.


Underrepresented genders

Our hackathon is designed for underrepresented genders in tech and their allies. See here for more info.

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Challenge data from:


🌈 Join a team

Open to in-person and remote participants

Register before 2 June 

It's your chance to create something awesome with other women and nonbinary individuals in tech! Hackathon organizers will assign you to balanced, empowering teams based on your technical interests, skill level, and project role selection.

💪 Join as an individual

Open to in-person and remote participants

Register before 9 June 

Hack away at your own project during the hackathon! You'll have templates to work from, support from mentors, and a Slack community to lean on for peer learning.

Why participate?

The SheSharp hackathon is designed around our supportive community. Our Amsterdam and remote participants will have access to 1:1 mentorship from top tech professionals, templates to jumpstart your hackathon project, and opportunities to network with other technical women and nonbinary individuals.

Joining us at the Reaktor office in Amsterdam? Get ready for an amazing Saturday of group coding alongside in-person mentorship,  wellness sessions, lightning talks... and of course all the food! 🍿

Image by Xavi Cabrera

Project and coding templates

We provide coding and planning templates to help you complete your hackathon project.

Image by 青 晨

Wellness activities

 * Amsterdam only! 

Take a break from your project and join us in the Reaktor office for a wellness session led by Beverly Rose Yoga.

Image by Rafał Szczawiński

Technical mentorship from senior engineers

Get 1:1 support from mentors with 5+ years of tech experience, in Amsterdam or remote. 

Image by Ezekiel Elin

Lightning talks

 * Amsterdam only! 

Learn about new technical concepts -- or perhaps speak yourself! -- at our lightning talk series at the office.

Image by Drew Beamer

Make new friends in Tech

We'll match you with a stellar project team comprised of other underrepresented people in the industry.

Image by Tamas Pap

Meals and snacks

 * Amsterdam only! 

No hackathon is complete without food and drinks! Come to the office for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between.

Grab your
spot now!

Regular registration open:
12 May - 2 June​
Team and individual registration guaranteed


Late registration open:
June - 9 June​ at 12:00 PM CET

Individual registration guaranteed

Team registration possible, but not guaranteed ⚠️


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t identify as a woman, nonbinary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still register for the hackathon?

Given SheSharp's mission and our limited resources to support hackathon participants, we are prioritizing people of underrepresented genders in tech, including: cis and trans women, trans men, nonbinary individuals, and more. Cis men allies are welcome to join as mentors and participants.

What level of experience do I need to participate?

The hackathon is designed for tech industry professionals of any level: from junior all the way to senior and principal. The project you'll be building is challenging and impactful for anyone in tech; don't let your many years of experience (or lack thereof!) hold you back from signing up. There will be opportunities to both provide support and be supported ♥️

Do I need to be a developer to participate?

No! Designers, product managers, and other roles in tech are welcome to participate. You can join a team to work alongside coders or analysts together on a project; your expertise would be key on any team!

The hackathon is over two days (9-10 June). What's the schedule?

We'll provide a full schedule on registration. The main events are:

June 9 (Friday — remote):

  • 12:00 PM CET -- Registration closes

  • 5:00 - 5:45 PM CET -- Hackathon kickoff

June 10 (Saturday — remote or on-site in Amsterdam):

  • 6:00 PM CET -- Project submission deadline

  • 8:00 - 8:45 PM CET -- Hackathon closing ceremonies

Please note that if you're joining us in Amsterdam, we are meeting at the Reaktor office on SATURDAY ONLY!

I can't attend the events, can I still register? Can I be located anywhere?

Yes, you're welcome to join us wherever you are in the world! Our events will be scheduled in Central European Time (GMT+1), but your project will be considered for judging as long as you register and submit on time. We will post the challenge on the Participants page (which you'll get a link to during registration) after the kickoff. We will also email you if you won a hackathon award 🏆

I'm in Amsterdam, should I join in person?

We have SO many fun things planned for folks coming into the Reaktor office for the hackathon on Saturday. Between a wellness session, lightning talks, special networking opportunities, and food galore, we promise that any time you spend with us on Saturday (10 June) will be worth it. It's great to gather as a community in person, so if you can make it to Amsterdam, we'd love to see you ♥️

The Reaktor office is located at:

Oude Looiersstraat 51,
1107 SN Amsterdam

Please note that if you join us in person, you must be 18+ years of age and you assume any responsibility for your safety and wellbeing at the event. We're happy to register an emergency contact for you in our registration form; you can add it to the "additional details" section.

Is childcare available in Amsterdam during the event?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide on-site childcare at the Reaktor office in Amsterdam. However, we encourage all working parents to participate — you can join us remotely or only attend for part of the day in Amsterdam. Please let us know how we can help you in our registration form; you can add it to the "additional details" section.

Is there an event code of conduct?

Yes. Hackathon 2023 follows SheSharp's Code of Conduct. By joining our event in-person or remotely, you agree to the Code of Conduct and we reserve the right to enforce as necessary. Safety and inclusivity are our top priorities.

What is the hackathon coding jam/challenge about?​

​The challenge is designed to help job seekers in our community find their next role in the tech industry. We will provide coding boilerplates for our three supported tracks: frontend development, backend development, and data analysis. You're also welcome to complete creative freedom via our fourth track: choose your own adventure! We will release the challenge and supporting resources during the hackathon kickoff.

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