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Life coaching

Career Coaching with Dina

SheSharp has partnered with career coach Dina Al-Alami from Major Confusions to guide you towards maximizing your personal and professional potential. Dina is a trained career coach that helps tech professionals build impactful careers on a balanced, healthy growth trajectory.

In this SheSharp x Major Confusions coaching series happening Summer 2023, 3 community members will get the opportunity to work with Dina over 3 months — all completely free.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and a coachee that fosters a thought-provoking and creative partnership enabling the coachee to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaches are available to increase self-awareness, discovery and alignment to enable results-oriented behaviours leading to goal attainment. 


In terms of coaching for job hunting or career growth, coaching can support individuals in self-introspection — less in a philosophical way, but in a more action-oriented way that leads to concrete change. Coaches can work with coachees to identify values, purpose, and develop a path to pursuing their goals. The role of the coach is to ask questions, provide time to think and trust that the coachee holds the answers from within.

This coaching opportunity consists of...

  • Up to 4 free, 50-minute private sessions with trained coach Dina Al-Alami of Major Confusions

  • Between June 1 and August 31, 2023

  • Certificate of Completion from SheSharp and Major Confusions after filling out the feedback survey at the conclusion of the program. Feel free to add the certificate to your LinkedIn or website!

Learn more

Meet the coach: Dina Al-Alami

Trained Career Coach at Major Confusions & Former Product Director within mental health tech

Nobody should feel that they don't have a choice.


I believe that having a purpose-driven life while looking after your mental wellbeing are the keys to having a successful career where you can be sustainably passionate - growing and positively contributing to the world. 

My coaching style encourages questioning, exploration, reflection, and experimentation. I use active listening and powerful questioning to help the coachee uncover the solutions that best suit their situation. I believe in the coachee’s ability to solve their own problems and strive to support them on their journey to do so.

My career and education history includes:

  • BS, MS in engineering @ Stanford University

  • Coaching training @ University of Cambridge

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation

  • Associate Member of the Institute of Coaching @ Harvard McLean

  • Completed the Designing your Life training by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

  • Ex Director of Product @ a public company transforming mental health-care, building the tech team to up to 30 employees and through an IPO 

  • Endorsed by Tech Nation in the UK as Exceptional Talent

  • Grew up in Jordan, studied in California, and built my professional career in London and San Francisco

  • Coached ambitious and impact-driven professionals around the world


You are an underrepresented gender in tech

Career Coaching with Dina is open to women, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals only.


People who are not cis men are historically underrepresented and under-resourced in the tech industry. This opportunity seeks to close that gap and make tech a more balanced, accessible industry to all.


If you are a cis man, you are not eligible to apply.

You are a member of the SheSharp community

The opportunity prioritizes SheSharp community members: our Slack members, social media followers, and sponsors. Not yet a member of our community? Join us at

You commit to support 1 SheSharp initiative

SheSharp is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to help women and non-binary people enter, stay, and grow in tech. As a program participant, we would appreciate your support with our initiatives! Examples of support include:

  • Curating resources for our Slack community

  • Writing a post about your learning journey

  • Speaking at a SheSharp event

  • Contributing to SheSharp’s open source program

How you engage with SheSharp will be discussed with the organizing team.

Program timeline

May 1 -
May 15

Application period is open

It's your time to apply to the program! In your application, we'll ask you to confirm your eligibility.

May 22 -
May 31

Applicants are notified of status

There will be 3 members selected for the coaching series. Selected participants will be notified via email. Please note, you have 3 days to confirm your participation once you have been notified of your selection.

June 1 - 
August 31

The program is open

You and Dina will schedule your first session (50 minutes long) between June 1 and June 14. At the end of the summer, you'll receive a feedback survey from us to fill out. When we've received your response, we'll send you a certificate of program completion! 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t identify as a woman, non-binary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still apply?

No, this program is only open to underrepresented genders at this time. We’d appreciate your support and allyship in forwarding this opportunity to others in your community that meet the program eligibility criteria!

Can I be located anywhere?

Yes, applications are open to everyone around the world! SheSharp is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and will prioritise applicants based in the European region, and others who are within +/-1 hour of Central European Time. However, if you’re outside of Europe, you’re still encouraged to apply!

When can Dina meet?

Dina is available for coaching on weekdays (Monday through Friday) between 9AM and 6PM GMT. Sessions will be conducted remotely.

What is the difference between coaching, mentorship, and recruiter support?
  • Coaches develop professional relationships with the coachees in order to increase awareness and support individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential.

  • Mentors often have more experience or knowledge in a specific set of areas where they share their knowledge and tips and tactics with their mentees.

  • Recruiters support organizations in finding the right candidates. Throughout this work, they often provide applicants with feedback on their CV with the incentive of hiring them to specific roles.

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