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New in Tech Scholarship

SheSharp’s New in Tech Scholarship Program seeks to support people of underrepresented genders transitioning into the tech industry. Whether you are in a formal program — like university or a coding bootcamp — or pursuing self-study, SheSharp wants to support you as you learn the skills you need to find that first job in the tech industry.


You are an underrepresented gender in tech

The New in Tech Scholarship is open to women, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals only.


People who are not cis men are historically underrepresented and under-resourced in the tech industry. This scholarship seeks to close that gap and make tech a more balanced, accessible industry to all.


If you are a cis man, you are not eligible to apply.

You’re not yet employed in tech

Only folks who are transitioning into their first full-time role in tech are eligible for this scholarship. If you’re already in tech and looking to deepen your skills, be on the lookout for future SheSharp giveaways!

You are a member of the SheSharp community

The scholarship prioritizes SheSharp community members: our Slack members, social media followers, and sponsors. Not yet a member of our community? Join us at

You commit to support 1 SheSharp initiative

SheSharp is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to help women and non-binary people enter, stay, and grow in tech. As a scholarship recipient, we would appreciate your support with our initiatives! Examples of support include:

  • Curating resources for our Slack community

  • Writing a post about your learning journey

  • Speaking at a SheSharp event

  • Contributing to SheSharp’s open source program

How you engage with SheSharp will be discussed with the organizing team.

You have proof of study

If you’re selected to receive the scholarship, you must provide SheSharp with proof of technical study. Examples of proof include:

  • Proof of enrollment in a coding bootcamp (e.g. Le Wagon, Flatiron School)

  • Subscription to an online learning platform (e.g. Frontend Masters, A Cloud Guru)

  • Proof of enrollment in a university course focused on technical skills (e.g. computer science degree program)

  • Receipts for self-study materials (e.g. books, online courses)


Apply to our next cohort

Spring 2022


Fall 2022

Opening October 2022


Spring 2023


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I sponsor this scholarship?

SheSharp pledges to support its community by providing resources and scholarships to help women and non-binary people enter, stay, and grow in tech. As we are completely volunteer-run, we rely on individual and company donations to fund programs like the New in Tech Scholarship.


If you represent a company or entity that is interested in supporting this initiative, apply on our partners page. We'd love to feature you as a sponsor on this page and elsewhere in our community!

I don’t identify as a woman, non-binary, or underrepresented gender in tech. Can I still apply?

No, this scholarship is only open to underrepresented genders at this time. We’d appreciate your support and allyship in forwarding this opportunity to others in your community that meet the scholarship eligibility criteria!

Can I be located anywhere?

Yes, applications are open to everyone around the world! SheSharp is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and will prioritize Dutch and European applicants. However, if you’re outside of Europe, you’re still encouraged to apply!

What constitutes an eligible self-study expense?

Self-study materials include books and online coursework. The content must be related to a technical topic, such as coding, UX/UI design, or cybersecurity. Job search resources (e.g. resume review) and study aids (e.g hardware, planning software) are not eligible for the scholarship.

Can I use the scholarship to buy a new computer?

Hardware purchases are unfortunately out of scope for this scholarship. The funds should be aimed specifically at tuition or learning expenses.

I’ve had an internship in the tech industry, can I still apply?

Yes. If you have not had or do not currently have a full-time role in the tech industry and are studying to secure one, you are eligible to apply.