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Coding creativity takes center stage this October!

Participate in this year’s Hacktoberfest edition together with SheSharp’s community to contribute, learn, and reshape the open-source landscape.

What is it?

Hacktoberfest is an annual month-long event that encourages contributions to open-source projects on platforms like GitHub. It was initiated by DigitalOcean and GitHub to promote open-source development and collaboration within the global developer community.


This exciting initiative kicks off on October 1st, and Shesharp would like to encourage its community members, in particular women and non-binary individuals, to dive into the world of open source and make meaningful contributions to projects.


Throughout the month, participants will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse community, expand their coding skills, and leave a lasting impact on the open-source landscape.

How to participate

1 / Make an open-source contribution during the month of October


Create a Pull Request (PR) in an open-source project of your choice.
To be valid, the PR must be created between October 1 and October 31 and the PR must be accepted by the project maintainers. 

2 / Share your open-source contributions with Shesharp

Submit the form linked below to share your open-source contributions with us.

You have time until November 7 to submit your contribution(s).

You can submit the form more than once.

Open-source contributions submission form:

All participants who submit at least one valid contribution 
will receive a special participation certificate.
The best contributions will be shared
on Shesharp's website and social media 💖

New to Open Source?


We got you covered!

Check out our open issues that are suitable for people new to open source.

Have a look at the useful resources below created by our community members.

You can also join our Slack community and ask questions in our #open-source channel.

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