S#E, SheSharp, fosters diversity in technology and entrepreneurship, by providing an open and safe community for under-represented demographics to explore their interests and potential.
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Nominate a Sharpie of the Month!

One of the stereotypes of being a woman in a STEM field is that women are less inclined to be assertive about their own abilities and achievements. Whether or not this is actually true, it is indeed more common for men in the tech industry to be more visible and recognizable than their women counterparts (if a counterpart is even available).

In the S#E spirit of empowerment, we believe that this perception can be changed, that women are not afraid of speaking up for their selves and their successes, but need a supportive platform to do so.

The “Sharpie of the Month” feature has been on ongoing effort to recognize and honour persons belonging to under-represented demographics in the industry who are carving the way forward for others everywhere.

Is there someone you immediately think of when seeing faced with the phrase, “Sharpie of the Month”?
From here on out, S#E is opening up nominations to be one of our Sharpie of the Month.
For nominations, please send the name and description of your nominee to info@shesharp.co.


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