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Hitchhiking to the Future of MarTech

When it comes to successful tech marketing, companies need to talk the talk and walk the walk. Innovation takes centre stage in tech, so how do we include that in marketing strategies and stay ahead of the curve?

The theme of March’s edition of SheSharp was “Girls in MarTech: Setting the Scene for the Future”.

Girls in MarTech

Held at Pand Noord, and hosted at Relay 42’s offices, Sharpies got marketing insights from the Data Management Platform specialist, and leading airline KLM.

Don’t panic. Grab a towel…

Following an introduction from Yoteng Pat, Relay 42’s Marketing VP, the evening’s first topic was “The Developer Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Marketing Galaxy”, given by Alexa Vargas, Front End Developer at Relay.

Since moving from Colombia to Amsterdam 18 months ago, Alexa has been instrumental to the company combining her tech experience with marketing know-how to look at how the two sides of the MarTech coin work together.

Her take-homes? Stay curious, don’t be afraid to ask questions and simplify, simplify simplify…. Acronyms, for example, may seem efficient, but they can end up making things more complicated for those who are less familiar with tech terms.

Find a common language

Kalina Dancheva and Alex Durham

Next to the stage were Relay 42’s Kalina Dancheva (Communications Specialist) and Alex Durham (Content Strategist). Looking after the visual, content and marketing side of the Data Management Platform’s comms, they’ve worked hard to give the tech innovator a human voice and appeal.

After a brief intro to highlight all the customer journey solutions on the market, they gave a step-by-step outline of how Relay 42 developed its marketing. At its core? Taking a leap of faith to set a benchmark and make the platform accessible to marketing professionals.

Turbo-charged programmatic

Our final MarTech speakers, Lotje van der Kooij and Liz van der Veen, are both programmatic marketing managers at KLM. As they discussed how big data and creativity impact programmatic marketing, they broke down what the travel industry looks like in the programmatic context and what future opportunities they see for MarTech.

Girls in MarTechKey to KLM’s success is ensuring that its interactions are as human and intuitive as possible. The airline has long been an innovator in reaching its audience: programmatic is the latest step in this long history.

As an automated, scalable way to optimise owned media, Lotje and Liz explained some of the strategies they use to target customers in a cost-efficient way. From chatbots you can book flights through, to native ads online that keep the brand front of mind, the airline is able to target customers who haven’t even visited the KLM site thanks to analysis of online behaviour.

Marketing is vital in any industry. Looking at the innovations of recent years, in both communicating about tech solutions and using tech to further how we reach audiences, there are some exciting MarTech developments ahead… so best to keep those eyes peeled.

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