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2021 Hackathon: Attendees

Prepare for the hackathon

1️⃣ Fill out our registration form

Head on over to shesharp.co/2021-hackathon-register/ to sign up for the hackathon! ✅

2️⃣ Join #hackathon in SheSharp Slack

Find project mentorship and hackathon networking in Slack.
Not yet in our Slack community? Join us here: shesharp.co/slack

3️⃣ Sign up for Troopl

Submissions will be via Troopl, a platform for web developers to showcase their work. Join now to start building your profile and we will will notify you when the challenge is uploaded to Troopl.
Sign up here: https://troopl.com/signup

4️⃣ Add the events to your calendar

Keep on top of hackathon events.
Add to Google Calendar: https://bit.ly/3CigPgb
Add to other calendars: https://bit.ly/39qRu7l (Download .ics file)

Where to find support


Join us in #hackathon to get support on hackathon registration, project mentorship, and more!

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Hackathon Office Hour:
Oct 23 @ 4:00 PM CET

Join us on October 23 at 4:00 PM CET for Office Hour during the Hackathon! Industry mentors will be available in the chat to answer any questions and pair with you on your project.

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Email us at events@shesharp.co with any questions.

Schedule of Events

Add to Google Calendar or other calendars (download .ics)

Please note that all events are scheduled in Central European Time (CET, UTC+1)


Information about the hackathon coding challenge can be found here, on Troopl

Our challenge reflects the hackathon’s mission to foster inclusion and support for developers of all skill levels. We look forward to seeing your hackathon projects making the tech community a more welcoming place!

What is Troopl?
Troopl is a portfolio builder that allows developers to showcase their work and be discovered by companies. By adding your hackathon project (and other projects!) to a Troopl portfolio, you will have a visible presence searchable and filterable to your specific skillset. Companies from all around the world can check you out. And your work can inspire other like-minded developers on the platform.

Code templates

Want to start your hackathon project from a pre-built template? Check out these options below 👇, built by the SheSharp Tech Team!
Shout out to our awesome team members Tessa & Talita for leading this effort 💗



Submission guidelines

When to submit: 4PM CET Sunday (1 hour before finals)
How to submit:
  1. Add your code to an open-source code repository (i.e. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket) and push your final project to production (if relevant).
  2. Sign in / sign up to Troopl at troopl.com 🤩
  3. Visit the SheSharp Hackathon Challenge page and, **below the instructions, click Add project 🚀
  4. Complete the fields to add your project, including links to your code repository & production URL. You’ll notice SheSharp Hackathon is already selected from the Challenge submission dropdown 🎉
  5. Once created, your project will be added to your Troopl portfolio and on the SheSharp Hackathon page for judges and participants to see 👀
  6. Finally, share your project’s Troopl link in the Slack #hackathon channel 📮

Eligible submissions must:

  • Be available in an open source code repository (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)
  • Be submitted on Troopl and correctly associated with the hackathon challenge
  • Be posted in #hackathon before the 4PM Sunday deadline
  • Not require judges to run code locally to interact with your project. (You can share your project either via link to live-deployed code, or via recorded video walkthrough.)

We encourage:

  • Live link to deployed code, where applicable (shared via Troopl in “Production url”)
  • Video demo/walkthrough of submission (shared via Troopl in “Production url” or “About”)
    • Videos should be fewer than 5 minutes long

Project submissions as individuals or teams

  • Hackathon participants can work on their project alone or as part of a team.
  • There is no maximum limit for the number of people in one team. If a team is selected for a prize, the prize will be divided among each team members.
    Example: if the 1 year subscription to Frontend Masters is awarded to a 1-person team, that person get the full prize; if the 1-year subscription to Frontend Masters is awarded to a team composed by 2 people, they get a subscription of 6 months each.
  • All members of a team should submit the project on Troopl to receive the prize, and make sure to complete the Troopl submission by filling the team’s code repository.

Prize categories

🎨 Most Creative

The “Most Creative” category rewards the most original take on the challenge prompt. Whether small (like custom animations) or huge (totally new platforms!), this project best demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking.

🌹 Most Polished

The “Most Polished” category is all about the user experience. This well-designed project is bug-free, considers edge cases, and feels good to use.

🌟 Best Overall

The “Best Overall” category is the epitome of both form and function. This project is as delightful as well executed, both bug-free and beautiful!

🌈 Community Favorite

The “Community Favorite” category celebrates the project that captured the hearts and minds of our community members! Voting is open for 1 hour before finals to hackathon participants and the SheSharp + Troopl community at large.