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SheSharp Hackathon 2021


SheSharp and Troopl are proud to host our inaugural Hackathon, taking place on October 22-24, 2021.
This free, online event brings together developers from all different backgrounds and levels of proficiency for an inclusive, supportive weekend of coding, community, and over €1000 in prizes.

Watch the livestream event here:

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Register now for the Hackathon via the form below.
To complete registration, look out for an email with instructions on joining our Slack and Troopl communities!

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Prizes 🏆

The Hackathon features over €1000 in prizes, including:

  • 1-year subscriptions to Frontend Masters and Pluralsight Skills;
  • professional 1:1 career coaching;
  • an Amazon Kindle;
  • and more!

Frontend Masters

Career Coaching

Wizard Zines

Amazon Kindle

Pluralsight Skills

Support ♥️

To make the event more inclusive of folks at the beginning of their coding career, participants will be supported by senior mentors in the industry.
Support will be provided via:

Hackathon mentors

Sarah O'Brien

Sarah O’Brien
Senior Web Engineer at

Sarah is a Senior Web Engineer at bol.com who loves to create awesome user experiences. Originally from Cork, Ireland, Sarah thought she needed more rain in her life and moved to Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she lives with her girlfriend. Sarah is an avid gamer; video games, board games, D&D, she does not discriminate. She also enjoys reading fiction and watching movies (hit her up with fantasy/scifi recs). Occasionally she goes outside too.

Mike Siega

Mike Siega
Software engineer at AWS

Mike (he/him) is a software engineer at Amazon, where he works on AWS CloudShell and other developer tools. Before Amazon he spent 4 years at Google across core infrastructure projects. In his spare time Mike enjoys learning to develop games and taking walks around Amsterdam, where he lives.

Tristan Viney

Tristan Viney
Co-founder & chief code monkey at Troopl

Tristan left a career in advertising to learn to code and build his own ideas. He got his start in tech as a full-stack developer and is now co-founder & chief code monkey of Troopl, a portfolio builder for developers.

Sara Gerion
Senior solutions architect at AWS

Sara (she/her) is a senior solutions architect at AWS, with a background in backend and cloud development. She is passionate about scalability, observability, and resilience in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be available and coding for the full 48 hours?

Nope! We designed the event to be inclusive of folks who don’t have large chunks of weekend time available to focus on coding (e.g. family obligations).
Work on your project as you’re able!

What coding should I do to prepare for the hackathon challenge?

No preparation necessary! The challenge can be completed on a wide variety of technical stacks: full-stack web, mobile dev, the sky is the limit! We’ll also have coding templates to jumpstart your project.

What if I get stuck on my project and don’t complete it in time?

Bugs, amirite? We have mentors in our office hour and a #hackathon Slack channel to help during the event. We also have a #devs channel if you have questions after.
Signup at shesharp.co/slack!

Projects are individual. Will I get to meet other developers at the event?

YES! We’ve set up three events — kickoff, office hour, & finals — to all come together as a group. And we’re gathering in wonder.me for networking during kickoff and finals!

Why should I do this hackathon?

It will help you gain new technical skills and confidence, participate in #hacktoberfest2021, and grow your dev network. Via Troopl, your project will get in front of companies looking to hire. Plus, did we mention prizes?!

Event Partners

Submissions for the SheSharp Hackathon will be using the platform from our event partner, Troopl.

Troopl is a portfolio builder that allows developers to showcase their work and be discovered by companies. By adding your projects to a Troopl portfolio, you will have a visible presence searchable and filterable to your specific skillset.

Companies from all around the world can check you out. And your work can inspire other like-minded developers on the platform.

We as members, contributors, and leaders pledge to make participation in our community a harassment-free experience for everyone. We pledge to act and interact in ways that contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community.

Please read our complete Hackathon Code of Conduct here:

Code of Conduct ✨